Advanced STAGES for Parents and Teachers

2-tägiges Seminar (Modul 1)

mit Terri O'Fallon und Kim Barta in Bad Homburg



This two-day seminar will feature advanced STAGES work appropriate for teaching and parenting. Both teachers and parents are responsible for the development of the children in their care. There is more to this than knowing the stage of development that the children are going through. Parents and teachers want to be able to recognize how each developmental parameter for each stage is forming and what kinds of interventions are appropriate for each developmental level of the child as they grow.

As well, parents and teachers have their own level of development and with that comes favorite approaches to teaching and parenting---the style of teaching related to each levels belief system.

With parenting and teaching one is more effective when they consider both the level of the child and the level of the parent or teacher and how they interweave. Sometimes there is a natural match, and other times there is a disconnect between the kind of mentoring the child needs and the favored approach by the parent or teacher. This workshop will highlight how to engage with the parenting and teaching approaches that match the developmental level of the child. The adaptability of the teacher and the parent is part of this capacity.

We will begin with a short review of the developmental levels and their parameters and show how the earlier child levels match and mis-match with later level adult parameters related to parenting and teaching.  This includes family values, school ethics, and cultural differences.

Next we will work together on studies of the participants who will learn how to ask the requisite questions that will help them to identify the developmental level of the child in the moment, to identify areas of weaknesses and strengths in the child and to design appropriate developmental interventions in all cases.

This workshop is intended to develop

·       skills of recognition of the developmental level of the child

·       one’s own developmental level

·       How they match or mismatch

·       Areas of weaknesses and strengths in the child and the parent/teacher.

·       Designing interventions for the family, home and parent/child

·       Designing interventions for the classroom, school and teacher/child.

Pre work is available for this workshop

1.      We will have available a downloadable describing the developmental levels of child and parent/teacher

2.      We will have available access to a 300 slide prezi which lays out the basics of this work

3.      Before the course begins, we will make available a FB page that will allow people to connect with and practice STAGES skills for cases related to their parenting and teaching.

We will urge you to take advantage of these options to prepare you for this advanced course.

Times and dates of the course

20.9. to 22.9. (2 days)

·       20.9.  1 pm to 6.30 pm

·       21.9.  10 am to 7 pm

·       22.9.  9.30 am to 1.30 pm

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Datum Mi 20.09.2017 13:00
Ende Fr 22.09.2017 13:30
aktueller Preis 550,00 €
Speaker Terri O'Fallon & Kim Barta
Bad Homburg (am Schlosspark)
Vor dem Untertor 2, 61348 Bad Homburg vor der Höhe, Deutschland
Bad Homburg (am Schlosspark)
550,00 € 40