Advanced STAGES for Coaches, Therapists and Consultants

3-tägiges Seminar (Modul 2)

mit Terri O'Fallon und Kim Barta in Bad Homburg



This three-day advanced seminar for coaches, consultants and therapists will delve into the details of how to determine the level of development of your client, their shadow elements and their leading edge. While this is important information to have there is also an interaction between the level of development of the coach, consultant or therapist and their client. Learning the intervention preferences of various developmental levels will support the understanding of STAGES agility when working with your clients.

We will begin with a short review of the STAGES model to refresh and prepare participants for the embodied work. Then we will begin delving into the ways to ask questions that will reveal the parameters of the client in their healthy mode, their leading edge and their shadow crashes.

The workshop will provide

  • skills to recognize the clients developmental leading edge, their common developmental comfort area and the level of development of their shadows
  • ways to determine one’s own developmental level
  • How your coaching style might match or mismatch the clients level
  • Areas of weaknesses and strengths of the developmental drivers
  • Designing interventions that are efficient and effective for the client

The approach we will take will be to ask the participants to bring in cases which the class will work on. This will include demonstrations, large group work and small group work.

There will also be practice related to the different kinds of interventions that are productive for each developmental level, and practice designing interventions for damaged drivers.

A half day by Rolf Lutterbeck will demonstrate how STAGES can be used in conjunction with other methods like constellation work that you utilize.

Pre work is available for this workshop

  1. We will have available a downloadable describing all the developmental levels
  2. We will have available access to a 300 slide prezi which lays out the basics of this work
  3. Before the course begins, we will make available a FB page that will allow people to connect with and practice STAGES skills for cases related to their parenting and teaching.
  4. A paper on the use of appropriate interventions will be made available for participants.

We will urge you to take advantage of these options to prepare you for this advanced course.

Times and dates of the course

23.9. from 10 am to 6.30 pm

24.9.from 9.30 am to 6.30 pm

25.9. from 9.30 to 5 pm


Datum Sa 23.09.2017 10:00
Ende Mo 25.09.2017 17:00
aktueller Preis 750,00 €
Speaker Terri O'Fallon & Kim Barta
Bad Homburg (am Schlosspark)
Vor dem Untertor 2, 61348 Bad Homburg vor der Höhe, Deutschland
Bad Homburg (am Schlosspark)
750,00 € 38